When Larry Bird was in the NBA, he detested “playing against a White Guy.”

Although many legendary players have called Boston home, Larry Bird is quite close to the top of the list. The forward became known as the “Legend” during his tenure with the Celtics for good reason—he was a clutch player, a lethal shooter, and a vicious trash talker. If nothing else, he was always confident in his skills.

But there was one particular annoyance Larry Bird carried with him from his NBA basketball career. Owing to his talent, he thought it was the height of disrespect to be defended by “a white guy,” and he detested it.


In theory, Larry Bird’s path to the professional ranks wasn’t the most traditional one. But when it came to the hardwood, nobody questioned his skill.


Following an impressive time in high school, Bird enrolled at Indiana University. But as soon as he got to college, the forward felt lost and uncomfortable, and he quit before playing a single game.


After moving back to his hometown of French Lick, Indiana, Bird began working as a garbage man until Bill Hodges, the basketball coach at Indiana State University, persuaded him to try his luck in college once more. After joining the Sycamores team, he led the team to the NCAA championship game in a few of years. Officially, Larry Bird was a star.


Following his collegiate achievement, Bird decided to enter the 1978 draft. Despite some contract disputes, he ultimately signed with the Boston Celtics, a move that would forever alter the trajectory of NBA history. Before ending his career, the forward achieved recognition as a true star, taking home three championships and three MVP honors.


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