Which player, LeBron James or Wilt Chamberlain, do you believe has had the biggest overall influence on the NBA?

Does LeBron James possess greater strength than Wilt Chamberlain did?

LeBron James and Elvin Hayes were around the same size.


and of comparable skill.


Elvin believed he would dunk against Wilt as a rookie.


They began to retreat from the top of the key into Chamberlain.


Elvin said as follows:


I started to push Chamberlain back, and I was thinking about this old

Man is not very powerful or hardy. Then I started moving to score.


and I felt like I was being propelled off my feet, landing outside the key.


A deep voice uttered:


Son, please stay outside of my zone.


You get it?


As I said:


Yes, Mr. Wilt, Mr. Chamberlain, and Mr. Stilt.


Wilt was the strongest of all.

Who had a bigger influence on basketball than Wilt Chamberlain or Michael Jordan?

I have Wilt’s vibe. To limit him, they altered the basketball rules. There really was no one like Wilt before him. With all due respect to Michael, who is undoubtedly the best player in the history of the sport, a large portion of his success was luck. He was the NBA’s money man, all air Jordans and everything. Therefore, the powerful people would not allow anyone to pull him down. Michael Jordan was not unique in that regard; Elgin Baylor, Connie Hawkins, Julius Erving, and David Thompson were all accomplished aviators before him.


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