While everyone is aware of Michael Jordan’s exceptional skill set, what about Wilt Chamberlain’s peak years? The majority of the younger generation hasn’t got the opportunity to see him perform.

Unfortunately for you, a significant portion of the “younger” generation did not witness Jordan at his best. The final three-peat of his “Last Dance” season ended in 1998. twenty-two years ago.


Even more never witnessed his college play. That’s most likely the reason he was recently (and incorrectly!) chosen as the greatest collegiate player of all time. Even if he places in the top 10 (which he most likely doesn’t), he is not among the top 5 for college careers.


In the poll conducted following The Last Dance, 70% of respondents said that Jordan was superior to LeBron in terms of assists and teamwork. Do these individuals even own LeBron’s jerseys?


The “younger” generations were blind to a great deal of it. However, Wilt does not belong to a “younger generation.” Almost no one, regardless of age, ever saw him. Senior citizens in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, generally in their seventies, who attended games.


I had grown up in Los Angeles and watched my hometown Lakers as a child for a few years before to Wilt’s 1968 roster debut. Up until the playoffs, there was just the national broadcast option of NBC (sometimes a double header) on Sundays, no regular broadcast of my home team. I’m sixty-six years old. But I never saw Wilt at his best; all I saw was the non-scoring Wilt of his later years, who established records for 33 straight games, grabbed more than 20 rebounds, and was the MVP of the Lakers championship.

Most people witnessed only a few postseason series of Wilt, if any at all, and by far the majority of people alive now. Almost no one bases their view on having seen him. Is it true that they are “younger” than the few graybeards?


The majority of people rely more on hearsay and may only be aware of a handful of his well-known accomplishments. Not the seventy-two records he owns still: NBA Records held by Wilt Chamberlain


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