Why Larry Bird claimed Magic Johnson was a superior player than him: “I go by success”

Magic added his two cents to the discussion as well.

The 1979 NCAA Finals marked the beginning of Larry Bird and Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s journey. Since then, their rivalry has altered basketball as a game, and they have grown into two of the best players the NBA has ever had.


But which of the two was superior? The legendary Los Angeles Lakers player received a mention from Larry himself.

Bird stated on “Late Night with David Letterman” in 2012, “Actually, I’ve always said that I go by success, and he’s won more championships, so I give him the nod.”


Respect for one another between Bird and Magic

Magic leads the Lakers to five titles in the 1980s, giving him the advantage in rings. In the same decade, Bird’s Celtics claimed three titles


Despite being the stars of what is probably the greatest basketball period, Johnson had an advantage over his opponent in terms of wins. “Larry Legend” has never hesitated to admit that Johnson was the superior player because he still respects that difference.


Nonetheless, the Lakers icon acknowledged in the same interview that he believes Larry to be a superior player, demonstrating the mutual regard and admiration between the two icons of the 1980s.



“I’ve always maintained that Larry was the more skilled player because of his versatility. Take aim from the outside, that kind of stuff. The great point guard remarked, “To us, really, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter because what matters to me is that I played against the best; I got to know the man, Larry Bird.”


Actual sport legends

Among the most recognizable players in NBA history are Bird and Johnson. They are also the cause of the league’s current success.


Together, they ignited the basketball Renaissance of the 1980s, which only became better as Michael Jordan became more well-known in the years that followed. Larry was a smack-talking, sweet-shooting forward on the elite Boston squad, while Magic was the fun-loving star who led a fast-paced team with the Showtime Lakers.


The two had a fantastic passing feel, even if they played different positions. Even though Johnson has won more titles, Bird’s supporters will never stop defending their hero. And regardless of what the iconic 13-year player from the Boston Celtics stated, he deserves every bit of respect in the world for all that he brought to the game.

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