Why Michael Jordan RATES Larry Bird OVER LeBron James

Why Michael Jordan RATES Larry Bird OVER LeBron James.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are frequently brought up in discussions about the greatest players of all time. LeBron isn’t even the greatest player in his position ever, according to a statement made by Michael himself.

In 2009, when MJ listed his all-time top five players, he chose Larry Bird ahead of the forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time. In “When the Game Was Ours,” Jackie MacMullan’s book, “His Airness” provided an explanation of why.

“I’m frequently asked who my all-time top five players are,” said Jordan. “And they cut me off as soon as I say Larry. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” they exclaim. No way can he compete with LeBron James! You people just don’t get it,’ I tell them. To be honest, I’m still not sure if Larry is a small forward or a power forward, but he is far superior to any small forward that participated in the game.”

Throughout his legendary Celtics career, Larry Legend alternated between the three and the four depending on what his team needed.

Bird, a power forward from Indiana State University, was selected in the draft. He played the four for his first five NBA seasons and even led the team in rebounds during that time. However, Bird’s versatility allowed him to play minutes at the three point guard position and earn the moniker “combo forward.”

Larry only made the permanent switch to small forward when Kevin McHale’s skill level forced coach K.C. Jones to start them together. The trio, along with Robert Parish, comprised one of the most formidable and effective front courts in NBA history.

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