Will Barbara Streisand regret her words about Michael Jackson, or does she truly believe that Michael has needs that justify the cruelty he inflicted on pre-adolescent boys?

Michael did not molest any children. Barbara Streisand has no clear evidence. Michael Jackson was acquitted of all allegations in court because all of the evidence from the investigations conducted on him and others indicated his innocence. If anyone wants us to trust them — including Streisand — they must present actual evidence of his wrongdoing. There is no evidence of his culpability, thus the only thing they can offer is fabrications. Will Streisand regret her remarks? Well, we shall find out.

What do Barbra Streisand’s initial statements on Michael Jackson reveal about society, and why is this alarming? Her comments practically enabled pedophilia. She evidently feels Michael Jackson molested children but attempted to rationalize it. The comments were appalling, to say the least, and I can’t think of a single acceptable explanation for them. I believe they illustrate a common perspective in Hollywood regarding sexual abuse and how everyone is covering up for everyone.

I believe it also highlights the distinction between pedophile enablers and Michael Jackson fans, who are frequently accused of being the former. Supporters maintain his innocence using all available evidence and do not condone pedophilia in any manner.

What are your thoughts on Barbra Streisand’s statement that, while she believes Michael Jackson’s accusers, “they were thrilled to be there” and “it didn’t kill them”? After watching “Leaving Neverland,” I realized that the kids were overjoyed that MJ had singled them out as unique and brought them to his estate. But Ms. Streisand appears to be unaware of the long-term consequences of molestation. Nor does she realize that these children spend an unusual amount of time away from their families, depriving them of an important phase of their development.

There was one now-grown victim who had been MJ’s “special friend” for two years when he turned on the TV and saw him with another boy. How is a 10-year-old meant to cope with such a loss? An actress discovered out her romance was finished when her actor lover revealed it on a talk show. She was distraught, and she was an adult lady. The boy had only one experience with a relationship to draw on, and it had disappeared without warning.

True, he did not die. However, it has had an ongoing impact on him. And he is not the only one. When trying to make sense of horrific situations like pedophilia, we often look to celebrities for answers. This is incorrect because so many of them are unqualified to answer or have “broken” themselves.

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