Wilt Chamberlain Devastating speech on MJ performance at the 90’s

Do you believe Michael Jordan could defeat Wilt Chamberlain in a one-on-one match? Wilt Chamberlain. There is absolutely no way in the universe that Michael Jordan could defeat Wilt Chamberlain one-on-one if both players were in their early to mid-20s. Fans of basketball are accustomed to seeing aging Chamberlain, who weighed 310 pounds and played with a bum knee, on the Los Angeles Lakers in pictures and videos taken in his mid-thirties.

youthful Wilt Chamberlain was incredibly athletic and fifty pounds lighter. He excelled in track in both college and high school. Competing in a variety of events, such as the shot throw, high jump, long jump, triple jump, and mid-distance running, he set records for both the State and Conference. In official competition, Chamberlain achieved a personal best in the high jump of more than 6 feet 6 and 3/4 inches.

He set a competition record in the long jump, clearing more than 24 feet. It implies that he had the option to leap from the three-point line and land below the rim. (at a separation of 23.75 ft) Wilt stood more over half a foot higher than Michael Jordan and had a reach of more than a foot when standing, measuring over 7 feet 1 in his bare feet. His vertical leap was on par with, if not higher than, that of Jordan. As evidence, Chamberlain provides the picture below, stating that his vertical leap—then referred to as a sergeant jump—was more over four feet!

Chamberlain was incredibly resilient. He regularly participated in every minute of basketball games, averaging 48 and a half minutes a contest in one season. Wilt would never weary of chasing after Michael Jordan. In a game between the two of them, MJ would probably be the one to get worn out or drained. Jordan would struggle mightily to get off a shot with Wilt Chamberlain, a 25-year-old, covering him. Chamberlain would shoot whenever he wanted and he would never receive a rebound.

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