Wilt Chamberlain is superior than Michael Jordan, as Earl Monroe demonstrates.

The renowned Earl Monoroe offered an intriguing perspective on the MJ-Wilt controversy.


Although Wilt Chamberlain is superior to Michael Jordan in the view of many, NBA icon Earl Monroe clarified why he feels that way.


Wilt’s situation

The bulk of the basketball community will unanimously agree that Michael Jordan is the NBA’s all-time great. And with good logic. However, there are a few men, like LeBron or Kareem, who have strong arguments to oppose Michael Jackson. Naturally, Wilt Chamberlain is a cunning contender for that position.

Considering his stats and records, the most dominant and outstanding player the NBA has ever seen is definitely deserving of the title of GOAT. Nevertheless, Wilt’s lack of competition and team success gets him a bad rap. However, Wilt is more respected by Jordan than by everyone else, including a legend named Earl Monroe who faced Chamberlain during his playing career.

Throughout his career, “Black Jesus” played for the Baltimore Bullets and New York Knicks, where he was a beloved player and highlight attraction for the fans in the 1960s and 1970s. Just one year after losing to the Lakers in 1972, he captured his lone championship with the Knicks in 1973.


At the end of his career, Wilt would win his second title, and Monroe would be on the opposite side. Despite a dominant hand injury, Wilt was performing exceptionally well. However, despite having a fractured right hand, 35-year-old Wilt would go on to close off the Knicks with an incredible triple-double (24 points, 29 rebounds, and 10 blocks), making history’s oldest Finals MVP.


Evidently, Wilt’s impressive performance was sufficient to persuade Earl Monroe that, even in this day and age, he is the man to beat:

Even though we all have our doubts about Wilt, it has to mean something if a legend who has witnessed him at his finest feels that way about him. Yes, that won’t convince anyone that Michael Jackson or anybody else is the greatest of all time, but Wilt needs to at least be discussed.


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