Wilt Chamberlain of Overbrook Is Still Among the Greatest NBA Players of All Time, 50 Years After Playing His Final Game

Erin Clark of the Report Door notes that Wilt Chamberlain, an alumnus of Overbrook High School, remains one of the greatest and most accomplished players, even after he finished his career in the NBA 50 years ago.


His career, which ended on May 10, 1973, included the following:


Fourteen seasons

Four MVP honors

Two wins

13 times as an All-Star


During his NBA career, he recorded 31,419 points and 23,924 rebounds. During the course of 1,205 regular-season and postseason games, he also broke other records.


Sonny Hill, a boyhood friend of Chamberlain who has worked as a commentator for Sports Radio WIP 94.1 in Philadelphia for 36 years, stated that “when Wilt retired, he owned over 100 records in the NBA.”


But Chamberlain didn’t give up on basketball entirely.


After learning he couldn’t play for the San Diego Conquistadors because of a contract dispute with the Lakers, he spent one season as their coach. Then he became a member of the exhibition squad, the Bucketeers, founded by Meadowlark Lemon, the Harlem Globetrotter.


According to Hill, “I believe that was something that was much more relaxing and something he enjoyed.”


Chamberlain, sixty-three, went away in 1999.


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