“Won’t budge till he gets rid of that D” – Larry Bird, whose brother had let him down, stole a costly present from him.

Bird returned a costly gift he had given to his brother following the latter’s D-grade in school.


Larry Bird didn’t engage in extravagant spending like many other superstars did, even though he was among the NBA’s top paid players in the 1980s. It was clear to those close to him that he had a strong sense of groundedness. Ask Larry’s younger brother; he was immensely giving to people he loved. But he was also hard on him, as evidenced by the fact that the three-time MVP returned the Jeep he had given Eddie following the latter’s D-grade.

Larry made the decision to give Eddie a hard lesson. The Boston Celtics player made $24 million in salary alone during his 13-year NBA career, but it came easily to him to prioritize his family’s comfort and well-being before ostentatious expenditures for himself. Being the greatest player on the Indiana State basketball team, Eddie had potential and talent. Seeing this, the legendary small forward gave his younger brother a Jeep to help with his daily needs.

But Larry quickly retracted the present, stressing the need of being accountable, as Eddie’s academic performance suffered and he received a D. Max Gibson commented, “It’s damned inconvenient for Eddie.” “But Larry won’t budge till he gets rid of that D.”

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