Years after their breakup, Joan Baez shares her story of finding “total forgiveness” for Bob Dylan (exclusive)

The 82-year-old singer of “Farewell, Angelina” talks exclusively to PEOPLE about her relationship with the 82-year-old Dylan. This is a subject she also discusses in her new documentary, Joan Baez: I Am a Noise, which goes on limited release on October 6.

Following her breakthrough in 1960, Baez started working and dating Dylan, who was not well-known at the time. Though they had a fruitful creative collaboration, their relationship came to an abrupt and devastating end in 1965 when he broke her heart. “Diamonds & Rust,” one of Baez’s biggest hits from 1975, was inspired by their love affair.

According to Baez, who describes the relationship as “totally demoralizing” in the movie, “we were in our early 20s.” We made a mistake, and you can’t hold someone accountable forever. I did try, but I gave up in the end.

After she painted a picture of Dylan when he was younger, she later experienced “total forgiveness” for him: “I put his music on, and I just dissolved into tears.” Upon finishing the painting, I felt no resentment. Not one. That hasn’t changed.

Baez claims that over the years, the two have never gotten back in touch.

Dylan’s representative has not yet reacted to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

As she wraps up her final tour in 2019, Karen O’Connor, Miri Navasky, and Maeve O’Boyle direct I Am a Noise, a stunningly candid portrait of the folk legend that explores her relationships, family, trauma, and career as an artist and activist.

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