2017’s Coolest Trend Is Still Tennis Style.

Perhaps no one in the annals of professional athletics has found a second life as a legitimate source of style inspiration as well as a timeless Halloween costumer like Björn Borg. Even 40 years after winning his first Wimbledon, the Swedish tennis player is still a highly sought-after source for fashion designers (and Wes Anderson) because to his characteristic style, which consists of a pinstripe polo, track jacket, headband, and flowing locks. Borg has his own line of clothing under his own name that features his own take on the tracksuit; the newest item just debuted on the catwalk and can be purchased on his website.

However, Borg is not the only designer drawing influence from his history. Tracksuits—especially the lower half of them—are more in style than ever, and Fila, the Italian company that supported Borg during his prime, is seeing a comeback of its own. The fur jackets and acetate aviator spectacles that Borg wore are emblematic of the late-1970s comeback that major fashion houses like Gucci and Tom Ford are bringing back. All of this is a good reminder that it’s always a good idea to look like a tennis god.

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