Breaking News: Pep Guardiola next club revealed

Guardiola surprises Europe by revealing his plans for Manchester City.

Even though Pep Guardiola’s contract at Manchester City is slated to expire in 2023, the Catalan manager feels the team will be in good hands when he does go. I am 100 percent certain that the club knows exactly what to do next, he remarked. With 11 major awards, Guardiola is City’s most accomplished manager and will lead his squad against Manchester United on Sunday.

The manager of Manchester City has emphasized that his team has prepared for life without Pep Guardiola.
Guardiola has won 11 major awards, making him City’s most decorated manager, but he hasn’t yet claimed the coveted Champions League.


Although the Catalan has no immediate plans to leave the Etihad, his contract is set to expire in 2019. But he has taken action to reassure supporters that the club is in good hands.

The team “exactly knows what is the next step,” Guardiola said ahead of the derby with Manchester United, who haven’t won the Premier League since Sir Alex Ferguson’s management retirement in 2013. “They know what the strategy is, what they have to do now, tomorrow, and for the upcoming season, but no one can see the challenges [of the future]. We have an issue when the club depends on only one person.If Pep is the only person the club relies on, we have not performed well. Since it is not my money, I never buy players. The club is there. The most crucial word is club.

“We consider the club in every move we make. In football, as in all sports, you lose more games than you win, but it’s critical to believe that your approach will result in trophies and titles.

Guardiola has also expressed appreciation for the Catalan’s teammate at Bayern Munich, Erik ten Hag, who is his opponent.

“His work in Holland, especially in Ajax in the last period, was an incredible example across Europe,” claimed Guardiola.

But he is aware that it will rely on the outcomes. I’m still here because we’ve already prevailed; else, I wouldn’t be.

Results allow you time to create the things you want, but I think highly of United. If they choose to purchase Erik, it will be because they think he is the one.


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