Does Lebron has high level of rank than larry bird in the world of basket ball?

Ever since the late James Naismith pioneered the practice of players hurling soccer balls into peach baskets, the game of basketball has been continuously evolving.

However, there are traces that connect one era to the next, even though the perimeter-based, modern NBA occasionally seems like a different sport than the post-oriented style of the past.

Even the most creative hoopers of today live, at least in part, in the shadow of the legends of the past. Basketball aficionados may notice glaring similarities at times—the accomplishments, the play style, and the statistics can all evoke memories of the past. Some find the parallels less obvious. Perhaps intangibles like impact, dominance, and inventiveness can unite two ballers who would otherwise be, at most, mirror images of one another in a funhouse.

Although cross-era comparisons are challenging, they can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the current state and potential future of our stars. Therefore, we’re here to highlight the closest career comparisons—based on projected trajectories—for the best players in the Association by examining a variety of factors, including statistics, awards, on-court strategies, and aesthetics

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