FLASH NEWS: Jurgen Klopp “Disallowed” with premier league kickoff time against Man City

Jurgen Klopp has taken issue with Liverpool’s Premier League trip schedule, saying it should not have gone to Manchester City.


The match between the top-of-the-table teams at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday, November 25 will begin off at 12:30 p.m. for the third time this season following an international break for Klopp’s team.

With their convincing 3-0 victory against Brentford on Sunday, Liverpool shot up to second place in the league. Klopp acknowledged that his team’s preparations for the match versus City will be less than ideal because so many players will be abroad on international duty.


He remarked, “The boys responded incredibly well, but they’re all gone now, so we can only train once before we play Man City when we get back.”

“Nobody can say I’m whining because we won, but how can you schedule a game like this for Saturday at 12:30 p.m.?  It is simply not feasible for the people making these judgments to feel the passion of football.


“Nobody needs to inform us if it is the moment when people spend the most amount to watch a football game in the world. I’m not sure whether that is true or not; I’m not sure.

“There are these two teams, and between them there are maybe thirty international players. The South American players, incidentally, all return on the same plane. They board the jet from Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and they all travel back (together). They arrive here in one plane. It’s crazy. But all we need to do is make sure we’re prepared.





The match, which will air live on Sky Sports, was revealed in October along with the other broadcast selections for the 13th round of matches. Later that day, at 5.30 p.m. GMT, Arsenal will travel to Brentford.


Klopp has questioned his team’s decision to play in the early Saturday slot after an international break before.


Earlier in the season, he stated, “If you have a week to prepare, 12.30 kick-off is not a problem.” The absence of recovery time is the only issue. Up until March, we have four international holidays. We have the early kick-off for two of them.


“Everyone goes, ‘He’s moaning again,’ if I say anything more about it. This is satire.


However, no matter who we speak to, they will never alter the current situation, and neither can we. The TV channel now goes by a different name, but nothing has changed. They simply don’t give a damn about it.

Does Liverpool find the 12.30 slot problematic?

Liverpool just managed three points out of a potential eighteen in six Premier League games played in that position last season. Furthermore, only one of the opponents—Manchester City, who defeated Liverpool 4-1—finished the season in the top nine, suggesting that the opponents were not all picked from the top half of the standings. Liverpool’s other opponents included Chelsea, Everton, and Fulham (all draws), while Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth defeated them


Despite taking 83 shots overall in the six games, they managed just three goals—a conversion rate of only 3.6%. They had 13 great opportunities, scoring 8.56 xG (expected goals).


During the German’s tenure at Anfield, Liverpool will play its 14th Saturday lunchtime Premier League match after an international break when they travel to Manchester.


That is more than twice as many as any other elite club faces. That situation has occurred six times for Tottenham and Chelsea, five times for Manchester United, and four times for Manchester City.





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