John Higgins is referred to by Ronnie O’Sullivan as the “most complete snooker player.”

According to Ronnie O’Sullivan, who has backed John Higgins for at least another five years at the top of snooker, the former rival is “the most complete snooker player.”


Since their junior days more than thirty years ago, the two 48-year-olds have been playing against one other, and O’Sullivan views Higgins as his greatest opponent of his illustrious career.


Higgins is fighting to return to the winner’s circle, even though the Rocket is still taking home the biggest trophies in the sport after winning the UK Championship and the Masters this year.

There are instances when it’s just a sense, like when you’re searching for a sensation and you think, “I feel good now, and my confidence is up.”


O’Sullivan, who has a lot of regard for Higgins, is not shy about praising him and believes that his focus on the mental aspect of snooker could give him the boost he needs to resume winning trophies.


O’Sullivan remarked, “John is so strong and dependable.” It’s widely known that he’s receiving mental health assistance from someone. You get that little boost of motivation just by doing anything like that, and sometimes you need that.



The Wizard of Wishaw hasn’t taken home a ranking trophy since the 2021 Players Championship, so he’s been training with a sports psychologist and adjusting the size of his cue in an effort to get back to his best.


I’ve attempted to cut my cue once again; I realize I’m always fiddling, but I feel a little bit more contained and in charge. Higgins disclosed to Eurosport.


It’s helping me because you see how much more concentrated the other boys are, when I felt like I was everywhere most of the time.


O’Sullivan praises the Scot as the most complete player in the sport and encourages him to do whatever makes him feel at ease at the table.


The world champion stated, “There are times when you have to because you know something isn’t quite right.”


It’s challenging since, technically speaking, John is the most accomplished snooker player overall. He says, “I’m not compact,” and if he isn’t, what chance does anyone have?

You must always be willing to try new things. John hasn’t tried that, and I believe it will extend his career by five, six, or seven more productive years.


Like a football team with a new manager, a snooker player occasionally needs a new cue, practice plan, or method of operation. I believe that providing him with that will keep him motivated and interested in what he has left in the tank.


“He just tries hard, plays with the right attitude, and is a tough opponent.” I believe that he needs to win.


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