Snooker Latest Gossip: Ronnie O’Sullivan just broke up with his girlfriend because o Ali Carterf

The Masters final pits Ronnie O’Sullivan against Ali Carter, and the Rocket made fun of his opponent before the game because the two have had some intense altercations in the past.


Ahead of their matchup in the Masters final, Ronnie O’Sullivan could not help but joke that his opponent has “something against me” due of the Rockets’ “massive trophy cabinet”.


Carter has stated in the past that he is “not intimidated by Ronnie like a lot of other players are” despite the fact that the two have had some intense fights over the years, most notably during the 2018 World Championship. And O’Sullivan criticized his opponent in a speech given prior to his most recent meeting with Carter.


O’Sullivan said to Discovery+, “I think he has more of a problem with me than I have with him.” “He has animosity for me. Perhaps it’s because I have an enormous trophy cabinet filled with awards.”

With a victory over Carter, O’Sullivan would secure a record-tying eighth Masters title. Additionally, by defeating Shaun Murphy 6-2 to secure his spot in the final, O’Sullivan inspired the future generation of snooker players.





There were a few errors at first, but I fixed them very quickly. I need to do that these days because, although I can’t pot as well as these guys, I can make up for it by breaking up the balls,” O’Sullivan remarked.


“That’s not how old I feel. I feel like I’m young. I feel a lot younger round the table when I play these younger players. They appear elderly and have very slow minds.

“Enough said, I still think my mind moves rather quickly around the snooker table. They really need to get their act together because even with my iffy arm, terrible knees, and impending blindness, they still can’t defeat me.


Carter referred to O’Sullivan as the “greatest of all time” and declared that he was “relishing the challenge” of taking him on. “Mark showed what a great player he is with a good ton, and I really got it going in the middle there and felt really good,” the man stated.




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