Thomas Müller’s starting spot against SC Freiburg is hinted at by Thomas Tuchel of Bayern Munich.

Thomas Müller, a standout for Bayern Munich, added another chapter to his illustrious career this week by assisting the game-winning goal against FC Copenhagen in the Champions League.


Müller, 34, has had a streak of impressive performances, something that Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel was not unaware of.


“We observed his uplifting spirit in Copenhagen. He should start against Freiburg without a doubt. He missed the entire preseason and is currently working harder to make up for it. It’s typical for him to not start 50 games at this point in his career. At his weekly press conference before a Bundesliga game, Tuchel said, “We are really thrilled that Thomas is here.


Will the coach think about pairing Müller and Musiala? We’ll soon get the answer.


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