( watch video) Liverpool vs Brighton goals and highlight

Elliott gives Liverpool the early advantage, but Brighton overtakes them in the final seconds to qualify for the FA Cup.


UPCOMING GAMES: On Saturday, April 4, Liverpool will return to the field to play Wolverhampton in the Premier League at 12pm. Brighton will play Bournemouth, another Premier League team, on the same day and at the same hour.

11:26 AMa year ago


Endgame. Brighton defeated Liverpool after falling behind to win and earn a spot in the FA Cup. The reigning champions, Liverpool, are no longer in the competition.

11:25 AMa year ago


It was on the same line, which the VAR reviewed and confirmed. Thanks to Mitoma’s successful goal, Brighton will eliminate Liverpool from the FA Cup.

Fabinho is cautioned for a foul on Ferguson in the 86th second.
11:14 AMa year ago
78′ Just over ten minutes into the game, Klopp switches Thiago Alcantara for Curtis Jones.
11:08 AMa year ago
Incredible 70’s! March receives a low cross from Mitoma in the area and squares off against Alisson, but the goalkeeper makes a save. The ball bursts in the striker’s left side and travels to the goal line.
11:00 AMa year ago
Brighton makes a change in 67′. Gilmour replaces Welbeck.
10:56 AMa year ago
Thiago initiates a fantastic Liverpool play inside the penalty area in the 64th minute, but Brighton’s defense recovers.
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