Wilt Chamberlain describes how and why, at the age of four, he lost his virginity.

Wilt Chamberlain describes a kindergarten experience that might have had an impact on his life later on.

Not only is Wilt Chamberlain renowned for his ability to score 100 points in a single game. Additionally, 20,000 women are said to have slept with him, at least in his own words. It’s interesting to learn how myths originate, as is often the case. During an earlier interview with Howard Stern, Chamberlain acknowledged that he had lost his virginity at the age of “almost five years old.”


large for his age

For my age, Chamberlain remarked, “I was big.”


Chamberlain recently came clean about having his first sexual experience as a preschooler, which shocked Stern and his co-host. Stern said that, at that age, he was unable to even see his “pecker”.


While without naming the girl and pointing out that she is still alive and well, Chamberlain showed respect for her. Nonetheless, Chamberlain described the circumstances around his period and how one event led to another.

When you were in elementary school, you never went back to the clothes room? In actuality, kindergarten was on rugs. They would also assign us these 15-minute slumber intervals. That’s the location where those incidents occurred,” Chamberlain said.

Beginning in kindergarten, Chamberlain had a somewhat intimate relationship with women that eventually led to him becoming a womanizer. The legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar even claimed that Wilt was always with a stunning woman when he was seen. Wilt, unlike Cap, felt totally at ease with them. He was gregarious and had a great sense of humor when it came to ladies. You are aware of the adage’s meaning. A lady will do anything for you if you can make her laugh.


embracing life to the fullest

We can say that Chamberlain had a fairly interesting existence, regardless of the veracity of his first-hand account of a sexual encounter. He was not only making it rain on the hardcourt, but he also had a great demeanor with girls. Not everybody is able to.


It is impossible to avoid wondering how Chamberlain would do in the era of social media, when public scrutiny of celebrities is a constant. A small error and it will make national news. By this reasoning, Wilt would undoubtedly make the news if he scored 100 points in a game in this day and age. What came next was Chamberlain’s celebration of this extraordinary accomplishment. It wouldn’t be noteworthy if he had a few drinks with his teammates. His record of just one game would be eclipsed by headlines about a wild night out with many of girls.

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