At the German Masters, Mark Allen vented his anger on the snooker table.

During his Wednesday afternoon German Masters tieWith a gesture of rage, Allen shattered the table with his palm while the stunned Berlin crowd watched in shock. With his head in his hands, the former Masters champion walked back to his seat, but fortunately for him, O’Connor, who also missed a pink, let him off the hook.

with Joe O’Connor, Mark Allen lost his composure after missing a putt. After O’Connor committed a foul, Allen had the chance to capture the fourth frame and cut the deficit to one, but the Northern Irishman was unable to sink the pink down the top cushion.


After that, Allen began to click, winning the fourth frame 63-42 to force a 15-minute intermission. He won the following three frames to take the match 5-2 after he went back to the table.


Allen’s next opponent in the round of 16 will be John Higgins. When the two faced off earlier this month at the 2024 Masters, Allen defeated the Scotsman by a close margin, 6-5.


“This is what it’s like to interview Ronnie O’Sullivan as a snooker TV presenter.”

EXCLUSIVE: Radzi Chinyanganya maintains he is one of the ideal individuals to interview despite frequently sitting opposite Ronnie O’Sullivan on Eurosport’s TV broadcast.





If you can relate to Ronnie O’Sullivan’s attitude, he’s a pleasure to interview.





That’s according to Radzi Chinyanganya, the snooker broadcaster for Eurosport, who frequently asks the unconventional snooker superstar questions.


O’Sullivan is a unique sports personality thanks to his sharp wit and brutally honest thoughts, especially when combined with his record-breaking pile of trophies on the baseball diamond.


Having won the World Grand Prix, the Masters, and the UK Championship in the last several months, he is having the time of his life.

Two medical issues cause the Masters snooker match to be stopped; BBC host Hazel Irvine delivers an update.

In Saturday’s second Masters semi-final at Alexandra Palace, Ali Carter defeated Mark Allen 6-3; however, the play was stopped twice because of medical issues.


There were two interruptions to the Masters semi-final snooker match between Mark Allen and Ali Carter because of medical emergencies among the spectators.


Carter, who defeated Allen 6-3 to go up against seven-time winner Ronnie O’Sullivan in the championship match, was forced to sit out the entirety of the tournament on Saturday, January 13, due to the various situations.


Play was interrupted due to a medical emergency, which was confirmed by BBC host Hazel Irvine. However, play resumed ten minutes later after the person receiving treatment. Soon after, the players resumed their intense play, anxious to face O’Sullivan in the championship match.

Concern for Ronnie O’Sullivan is voiced by Stephen Hendry prior of the World Snooker Championship.

Ahead of the world championship, snooker stars Ronnie O’Sullivan has drawn criticism from Stephen Hendry.





Stephen Hendry worries that Ronnie O’Sullivan will surpass his record of seven World Snooker Championship victories. The two snooker legends are level for world title victories, with O’Sullivan the favorite going into this year’s competition.





Over the past few months, The Rocket has been nothing short of spectacular. In fifty days, he has won three titles: the Masters, the UK Championship, and now the World Grand Prix.


O’Sullivan hasn’t lost on British soil since October, and the demanding 17-day schedule may be the only thing standing in the way of a World Championship victory. When he last won in 2022, he had previously acknowledged that he found it difficult to go in the competition.





Hendry has questioned why O’Sullivan is unbeatable by all the best players. He criticized Mark Williams, Neil Robertson, and Mark Selby before reminding out that O’Sullivan defeated even Judd Trump in the World Grand Prix final.





The best players, where are they all? Right now, Ronnie is running all over snooker, the Scot told talkSPORT.





The Williamses, the Robertsons, and the Selbys… Trump was no match for him. Who’s going to stop him from becoming the global champion?





Hendry was informed that while O’Sullivan seems to be improving with age, several of the best snooker players are nearing the conclusion of their careers and are thus losing talent.





The 55-year-old concurred and said that he has never seen any better snooker than O’Sullivan’s 6-1 victory over Ding Junhui. When the 48-year-old does ultimately decide to retire, Hendry wonders who will take up his position.





It’s outstanding. We must commend him for his longevity and style of play,” he remarked. It’s amazing. I’ve never seen better snooker than what he played in parts of the semi-final last week. He’s putting a new twist on the game.


Ronnie O’Sullivan’s dad has launched a scathing attack on the people running professional snooker after he qualified for the World Open.


After comfortably making it to the UK Championship’s second round, Ronnie O’Sullivan said that he has no relationship with the snooker management due to constant arguments about his schedule.



Superstar snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan has declined to negotiate a peace agreement with the sport’s officials.



The 47-year-old Rocket is presently facing disciplinary actions from his employers after being reported to the WPBSA, the governing body, for a harsh criticism of the World Snooker Tour (WST) earlier this month. World No. 1 O’Sullivan said last week that he may give up tennis if he couldn’t fulfill lucrative personal obligations in China.



WST is providing in-person sessions at this week’s UK Championship so that players can voice their complaints about the way the sport is conducted.


WST is providing in-person sessions at this week’s UK Championship so that players can voice their complaints about the way the sport is conducted.


“I am aware of the culture, and it is not my style. All I want is to captain my own ship. Good luck to all the players; it’s fantastic that they want to concentrate on 130 players. However, not every player has the same opportunities as myself.



“It’s just not going to work for me to fit in with an organization that only wants you to be the same as everyone else. If only I could concentrate on the competitions. Golfers compete for large purses at every event and have supportive sponsors.






However, I refuse to split the cake with 130 other players when I travel to China or other countries and they are paying ten or fifteen times as much as I am able to play here. I have to protect my children, my family, and my other half, even though I don’t want to give up on snooker entirely.



O’Sullivan feels undervalued by managers despite being the sport’s face for thirty years. Additionally, the seven-time world champion desires the freedom to profit from lucrative exhibitions—something that player contracts may limit.



The “Macau 5″—Mark Selby, John Higgins, Luca Brecel, Ali Carter, and Thepchaiya Un-Nooh—were threatened with disciplinary action when they skipped the Northern Ireland Open in favor of an unofficial event in China last month. The event was later rescheduled for December to avoid a conflict. This is the most recent development in the player-power controversy.


Bosses in Snooker ‘wanted Ronnie O’Sullivan to lose,’ as the legend’s father persists in criticizing WST.


After Ronnie O’Sullivan qualified for the World Open, his father unleashed a vicious attack on the people in charge of professional snooker.





After winning the competition for the eighth time this month, Ronnie O’Sullivan disclosed that he is considering giving his crystal Masters trophy to a buddy in China. Days before winning the World Grand Prix to clinch his third major title in 50 days, the Rocket won his most recent Masters title with a 10-7 triumph over Ali Carter in a heated match.





O’Sullivan’s illustrious career has seen him win over 80 events, and he simply does not have enough space at home to keep all of his trophies. He disclosed that he is considering sending his most recent Masters award to a buddy in China, having already transferred at least one of them to that country.





“If I can keep that one, I’ll send it back to China to one of my mates and let him keep it in his club,” O’Sullivan added. “That’s what I do with most of my trophies now.”





The Rocket frequently donates his trophies, and after winning the Shanghai Masters last year, he gave his championship to a friend in China. He said then that he was ‘not really bothered’ to hang onto his trophies or any other mementos related to snooker, and he intends to part with them before he becomes too old.

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