FINAL BASE Meet the gorgeous Amy, the wife of MLB player Gerrit Cole, a two-time mother of Cy Young winners since college.

Star baseball player Gerrit Cole nearly stole the win when his spouse was seated next to him.


Last Thursday, the pitcher for the New York Yankees accepted the Cy Young trophy for his achievements in the American League.


Moments after accepting the prize, Cole, 33, had his wife Amy seated next to him in an interview.


Pedro Martinez of the MLB Network posed what appeared to be a simple inquiry to him.


“If you had to name someone to receive the trophy with you because of how much he or she means to you, or that person you really want to think about when you receive the trophy, who would that be?” Martinez said.


With Amy seated beside him, the solution appeared apparent, but Gerrit took his time.

After a few seconds, he recovered and paid tribute to his wife.


Cole stated, “She’s been there for me in all different areas and journeys in our lives since I was only a youngster in school.


“Moving to New York, preparing the house for the kids during the pandemic, and supporting the whole family as we adjust to a new location. She has a significant backstage role.


“When I get it, I want her to be the one sitting next to me, without a doubt.”


Following Cole’s rescue mission, the two gave each other a tender embrace.


Amy and Gerrit are high school sweethearts who first connected at UCLA, where they both made significant progress.


The Bruins softball team, which won the Women’s College World Series, included Amy Crawford in its roster.


After that, Gerrit became the first player from UCLA to be selected first overall in the MLB Draft.


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