Mohamed Salah’s personal safety on “crazy” experiences and Liverpool striker’s generosity are revealed in the phrase “I’ll give you one secret.”

Mohamed Salah, a forward for Liverpool, has been in excellent form this season for Jurgen Klopp’s team.

The personal security guard for Mohamed Salah has spoken out about the challenges he encounters in defending one of football’s brightest stars.


In addition to being adored by Liverpool fans, Salah is also a beloved figure in Egypt as a result of his contributions both on and off the field.



The 31-year-old has a history of supporting the people in the nation where he was raised by making financial contributions to a number of worthwhile initiatives. These actions have made Egyptians determined to meet the Reds’ No. 11, and they are not unwilling to go to great lengths to do so.


Due to this, Salah has occasionally been placed in risky situations, as the person in charge of ensuring his safety has disclosed. In fact, Karim Abdou stated on the 5ASide Podcast: “He is a ghost. He is invisible.



He once went to a mosque to worship. He was being followed, and nobody knew where he resided. In a WhatsApp group, he (the person following) posted: “Mo Salah lives in that address.” After five minutes, 20,000 people arrived at his house as I followed him. These 20,000 individuals were merely residents of the area. When the others heard, they began to drive [there].

“The craziest time was when he won the Champions League. I was meant to stay with him, but he extended his vacation time and returned to his base of operations. Thousands of people lined the streets to pray during Eid [al-Fitr], which is celebrated here like Christmas.





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