Pittsburgh Steelers Sign Heavily Associated Quarterback for $18 Million in Major Trade Offer

The Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to bolster their roster, particularly at backup quarterback, following their playoff elimination at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. According to reports, the organization is looking to fill that need with Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears.


With a 7-10 record and a fourth-place finish in the NFC North, the Bears in particular had a poor season. Fields concluded the season with 2,562 yards, 16 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and a 61.4 percent completion percentage despite missing out on the playoffs.


In contrast, Fields has captivated the Steelers since before he even joined the league in 2021. Whether the Bears standout is worth acquiring to start in lieu of Mason Rudolph and Kenny Pickett in the lineup will be determined by the front staff.


There is growing interest in Pittsburgh to sign Fields for the upcoming season as he approaches free agency. The problem is, after giving him a $18 million contract during his time there, they may need to put together a package for the Bears and hope they no longer want him.



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