Ronnie O’Sullivan breaks snooker rule during Grand Prix final versus Judd Trump

Following his 10-7 victory against Ali Carter in the Masters final the previous weekend, Ronnie O’Sullivan takes face Judd Trump in the World Grand Prix final in Leicester on Sunday.


The Rocket has acquired a reputation as the maverick of snooker thanks to his consistent breaching of rules as he advances to the World Grand Prix final.


O’Sullivan has been playing exceptionally well lately; in the Masters final last weekend, he overcame Ali Carter 10-7 after falling behind. Following his eighth Ally Pally victory, the 48-year-old will face Judd Trump in a final on Sunday in Leicester.


Because of his attire, he will be defying snooker convention when he emerges at The Morningside Arena. O’Sullivan has been sporting clunky black trainers lately instead of his typical dressy black shoes because of a foot issue.


O’Sullivan has been given special permission by World Snooker to wear trainers, as he explained to Eurosport in November: “I’ve got plantar fasciitis which is, the easiest way to explain it is, it’s like a bruise on your heel. So when you put your foot down, it’s really sore. Leather-soled shoes just absolutely batter my feet to pieces. So I’ve had to resort to getting some really big old soles on them, just to sort of give my foot a rest, basically.”

Plantar fasciitis is a common ailment that can cause excruciating pain. Wearing cozy shoes with arch support can help ease the inflammation of the tissue that runs from the heel to the toes on the bottom of the foot.



Before choosing his shoes, O’Sullivan had to consult the authorities because World Snooker regulations specify what is customarily expected of players. According to the guidelines, formal footwear must not show the toes and be appropriate for a dress or lounge suit. It must also have dress soles and a classic heel profile (commando or lug soles are not allowed).



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