!! Shocking !! Fabrizio Romano drops shocking update on Kevin de Bruyne

Injuring himself, Kevin De Bruyne left Man City’s 3-0 victory over Burnley.


With two goals to start off his second Premier League season, Erling Haaland led Manchester City over Burnley with ease. But Kevin De Bruyne’s recurrence of his hamstring injury left Pep Guardiola assessing the cost of their opening match of their title defense.

After the Belgian international hobbled off in the middle of the first period, Guardiola said he will be out “for a while.” He tragically sustained another injury. He will be out for a time, same area and position as the Champions League,” the City manager remarked.


“The doctor will need to be contacted, and he will undoubtedly return. He got hurt in the Champions League final, though, which is why he is down. Sadly, he is disappointed, but he is resilient, and he will return.

The half finished with City two up but Guardiola remonstrating with Haaland as the two left the pitch, a spat the City manager was keen to play down after. “There’s no problem at all. It was about a connection with the players,” said Guardiola.

“He wanted the ball behind him, but it can’t be behind him.” Finding the proper moment sometimes requires patience.


“He wasn’t angry, and I’m not angry. It occurs in football. Be less theatrical. He is pleased with his two goals. fantastic in the second half. We are aware of his skill in front of goal.




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