Terry Bradshaw on Kenny Pickett, a trade-up in the mock draft, and other Steelers news

In the NFL, it’s the quiet before the storm. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL as a whole haven’t had a lot going on, but that’s about to change. With the opening of the legal tampering period on March 11, free agency will soon follow the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.


The quarterback position has been the subject of a lot of rumors and speculation for Steelers supporters, particularly in relation to Kenny Pickett and the possibility that Pittsburgh will trade for Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

We now have some rather more specific news. Not too subtle in his assessment of Pickett and Pittsburgh’s quarterback predicament, a Hall of Famer recently moved up for a quarterback in an NFL mock draft. Get the most recent Steelers news here.


The Steelers are urged by Terry Bradshaw to “stay with” Kenny Pickett.

Even though Pickett has produced very little in his first two NFL seasons and is likely losing the support of most Steelers fans, Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw isn’t prepared to write off the former first-round selection.



Bradshaw recently appeared on The Rich Eisen Show, when he begged the team to continue using Pickett as their primary quarterback through 2024.


“I adore Pickett. I’m familiar with him, and he’s really competitive. He’s a difficult young man. He is unaffected by anything. I’m a big fan of him. For the ten thousandth time this year, I will say this. Kenny should be surrounded by skill, as should any of these young quarterbacks, including Justin Fields of the Bears. Why is [Brock] Purdy’s tenure with the 49ers successful? Take a look at all that skill and the plays that coach Kyle Shanahan is calling. And what poise that child has. Kenny exudes confidence. All I need is for my quarterback to have poise.”


Bradshaw claims to have known Pickett for a long time and attests to his mental toughness and competitive nature. Kenny needs to be surrounded by talented people, according to the legendary Steelers player, if the squad is to have the kind of success they want.


The counterargument in this case is that, with the same talent surrounding him, Mason Rudolph played noticeably better in the season’s final three games. If the Steelers don’t attempt to acquire a major upgrade in 2024, they will probably continue to play with Pickett for at least one more season.


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