The recent admission by Odell Beckham Jr. reveals the ignorance of the Jets management office.

Odell Beckham Jr. wouldn’t be getting ready for his first postseason game since Super Bowl LVI in February 2022 if he had signed with the New York Jets as he had initially intended.


During the offseason, the 31-year-old receiver was on the verge of signing with the New York Jets. However, as he revealed on the “Punch Line Podcast,” the Jets’ haughtiness stood in the way of his signing, and he ultimately chose to join the Baltimore Ravens.

It wasn’t as though Beckham Jr. suddenly changed his mind. In fact, he was itching to return to the game in New York, and he was drawn to the Jets because of the possibility of playing alongside quarterback Aaron Rodgers.


And Beckham Jr. might have ended up in New York if it weren’t for an eleventh-hour contact from the Ravens, who gave him the impression that they were more concerned about him than anything else.


However, Beckham Jr. implied that the Jets led him to feel they were the top team interested in his services—possibly the only one. Their overconfidence caused them to overplay their hand, which ultimately led to their overconfidence being burned. This is not a good look for a team that has demonstrated that they can succeed with a healthy roster.

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