Tom Thibodeau shares Knicks star Jalen Brunson’s MRI results.

Jalen Brunson, the New York Knicks’ All-Star point guard, has recovered from a catastrophic knee injury but has yet to be cleared to return.


The MRI results for Brunson’s knee were disclosed by Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau prior of their home game against the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday, March 5.


“A contusion, it’s bruised,” Thibodeau told reporters via SNY of Brunson’s knee issue. “It’s far better than it was. We just want to ensure that he is properly prepared. He got an MRI, and everything came back clear.”


Tom Thibodeau says Jalen Brunson’s knee contusion is “better than it was” and the Knicks are holding him out tonight so that he’s “completely ready”


Brunson also got an MRI, which came out clear.

Sports Doctor Explains Jalen Brunson’s Injury

The MRI results confirm Dr. Brian Sutterer’s initial prognosis.


“It almost looks to me like somebody who’s got a temporary footdrop,” Dr. Sutterer stated on his YouTube channel after re-watching Brunson’s power escape from the court after his knee clashed with Cleveland Cavaliers’ Isaac Okoro.

Dr. Sutterer, a sports medicine expert with a prominent YouTube program explaining sports injuries, compared Brunson’s initial reaction to a martial artist “who received low calf kicks that injured or stunned the peroneal nerve that picks your ankle up.”


Brunson’s failure to pick up his ankle as he walked off the court supported Dr. Sutterer’s hypothesis that he had received a contact blow to the outside of his left knee.


“… because that’s where that nerve sits and could certainly have been stunned almost like hitting your funny bone,” Dr. Sutterer went on to say.


He went on to say: “I don’t see the concerning things that we’ll usually see when a big major non-contact injury like an ACL, a quad patella or tendon rupture occurs.”


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