Which was superior, Wilt or MJ?

Shaq or Wilt Chamberlain: who is superior? The short answer is definitely not even close: YES. With the exception of rings, Wilt Chamberlain will lead every category based on the metrics you choose to evaluate each player using.


Compared to Shaq during his heyday, Wilt was far more physically fit, quicker, stronger, and an improved passer, rebounder, shot blocker, and scorer. People like to talk about the era in which each player played and like to point out that Wilt faced lesser opposition, which I shall refute for you now. There were eight teams in the league when Wilt began playing professional ball. Those eight teams had the finest players available to them at the time, and although I won’t name every player Wilt faced, you can see a list of them on YOUTUBE. The majority of the centers Wilt faced are now in the Hall of Fame.

He also met the unfortunate Boston Celtics, a team that featured NINE players in the Hall of Fame. Just a dominant TEAM, and Wilt continued to be very impressive in these games. I would further contend that those teams Wilt led into the championship game would not have even advanced to the postseason if he had not been at center and performed all of his duties. That kind of talent was his.

Depending on the manner his team played, Wilt Chamberlain would still be the dominant player in today’s game. The dude would still be a BOSS if he used modern nutrition and training techniques. In today’s game, in which Wilt caused the NBA to alter the width TWICE, not a single player was able to stop him in the paint. It’s important to keep in mind that Wilt scored the majority of his points in his first seven years of professional basketball because his teams need him to. However, in year eight, his coach ordered him to cut back on his scoring and instead concentrate on defense, rebounding, and passing.


on passing, grabbing rebounds, and defense. The man was the only center in league history to lead the league in assists. Lebron would need to play for another 20 years to break the NBA scoring record if he had kept up his current scoring pace. After 50 years away from the game, Wilt STILL has more NBA records than any other player and more than Magic, Kareem, Jordan, LeBron, and Kobe combined. He was a beast, and I consider him to be my all-time favorite player. I’m not sure what you’re looking for in a GOAT, but it pretty well covers it in my opinion.

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